COLOR TALKS By James Bates

 The element color is often described as a reflection of light to the human eye. Color is also used to convey mood and tone therefor for the sake of this gallery "Color Talks". Abstract impressionism art has a sole purpose and that is to give us an outside the box or unorthodox look into the artist perspective.

The painting depicts the Shofar in a stone that in surrounded by natural elements. The artist used a bright teal color to represent the Shofar. Tints of brown and other neutral colors surround the piece to keep the natural feel.
In this depiction of the infamous shooting of Gaston Calmette you can see a reflection of this killing through the eyes of Robert Delaunay. The use of color and line art that shows a target pattern.
When painting caught my eye, the red color and deep abyss of black pulled me right in. The contrast of red blood and black virus gives you a dark insight on the disease.
This untitled painting by Silva is so visual pleasing. There is a lot of texture and color contrast in this piece. I see a rigid rock surface in this composition. The undertones and highlights achieves this look.
This oil painting by Joan Mitchell depicts the life and chaos in a urban environment. The sporadic colors, rapid and irregular line art or brush strokes exemplifies variety and diversity in urban cities. The subtle gray areas reflects the calm that surrounds urban life.
This oil piece on canvas titled "The Visitor" is a abstract work of art. It depicts a female mythic figure. The sweeping undertones fade outward to show a flying motion. The line art was produced using a palette knife.
This wonderful piece from Norman Lewis demonstrates broad line art in the form of brush strokes. The softness of the strokes and bright color against the shades of blue for undertone give the viewer a since of illumination. I see fading rings.
This painting by Philip Guston uses blotches to show individuals traveling from one are to another. The artist uses color to depict individuals and unity.
This is a amazing piece by Clyfford Still that shows a duck in the marsh surrounded by tall grass. The neutral color of brown with the gold blades of grass works in this piece. The water reflection that ripples in a reddish tone is also a great addition to the piece.
This aerial view of the a seawall shows off the coastal cliff and geometric perspective of the artist. The colors butting up against a contrasting color shows where shapes that represent parts of the depicted coastline.
Credits: All media
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