The police officers of America are under a lot of scrutiny and we are starting to push them out of our society.

This piece, done by Banksy, shows a police officer pointing a gun at someone. More and more people are beginning to think that police officers, specifically in the US aren't treating people equally.
This painting shows police targeting what seems to be a poor man. In the background there are two wealthy men. Maybe they are the people that the police should be targeting.
This piece shows an African American man being arrested. It has been said that police have been "targeting" minorities.
There has been a lot of speculation that police have been killing some of the people that are in their custody. This piece demonstrates that and sends a message that police aren't our friends.
This painting shows a peaceful part of New York. Imagine if there were no police officers protecting us from some of the threats that there are in any given city from any given person.
This painting shows anarchy. If there were no police officers in our society this image could be real. Police officers, although sometimes a bit overprotective, are what keeps our society from anarchy.
This is also an image of anarchy. Sometimes I think our society takes having a protective force for granted. We should all appreciate what we have to protect us and realize that people aren't perfect.
This painting shows two people killing another person. Without the police force in our communities people like the ones killing that man will still be out in the public doing whatever he wants.
This image shows people looking over a city. Those men could be seen as the police looking over our cities and communities as they look for the evil in our society. Perhaps we should welcome police into our communities instead of pushing them out.
This is a mural of perhaps the greatest advocate of peace in the history of mankind. Mahatma Gandhi was a peaceful protestor who would not want this kind of violence toward the police and who would welcome the police into the community.
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