The Impact Of The Holocaust

There are many way to describe the  holocaust but in Our Holocaust Gallery Exhibit we have 28 images that memorise the horrors of the Holocaust the Adolf Hitler has created. The photos we have chosen show what the Jewish people had to go through and what Hitler did to them, only because he accused them of creating the Great War, which they didn’t. Most of the Jews were also German, and they respected everything that happened in Germany, but Hitler didn’t care. Once he was in power, he took it as an opportunity to do whatever he wants to the Jews, and the rest of Germany. Some Jewish people thought ahead and fled out of Germany before anything happened to them. These photos have a lot of meaning not just to the jewish people and the people who went through the war but also for us. We picked these photo because they had a deep meaning to us, we chose photo from the book burning, people being deported, Anti Jewish poster being hang and other photos as well.  Our first picture is showing some of the Jewish people hiding in boats and transport and leaving Germany. You can see from their facial expressions that they weren't particularly happy about leaving, but it was their only choice for survival. It was the right choice to make at the time, as shown in the second picture, as the germans (under Hitler’s power) started to disclude Jewish people in the community. First it started off as small disclusions, but over time it got bigger. Jewish children were kicked out of schools and most of their German friends stopped talking to them. Anti-Jewish posters were placed everywhere around Germany, and Jews were not allowed in shops (only at particular times), movie cinemas and even weren’t allowed to sit on park benches. So the Germans knew who was Jewish and who wasn’t, all Jewish people were forced to wear the Star of David on their clothes. Even children over the age of 3 had to wear the star on their clothing. These photos have a special meaning to us because we see how sad it must of been for the jewish people at the time. We chose these picture because we believe they are the best one to describe and show to others  what live was life in the holocaust and what it would have been like if they were jewish in that time.  

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