The blue blue water

A lighthouse is a classical symbol in paintings of the shore.
This one looked unique as it is something I never saw before.
The blurry feeling of this piece gives it a gloomy feeling.
The reflection and the slowy fading colors gives this piece a sense of distance.
The clear horizon also gives this painting a feeling of distance.
The cliff overlooking the ocean gives a sense of awe.
This one to me is just absolutely random.
The impressiveness of military power is truly magnificent.
The waves in the front and the ocean in the back gives a contrasting sort of feeling.
The tranquility of a village life makes life sound like the best thing ever.
This painting looks simple, like ones you would see hanged in someone's house.
The calm ocean and the green mountains gives a sense of serenity.
This painting has a feeling of fantasy.
This painting shows how bizarre nature can be.
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