Wildlife Photo Expedition

For my second google art project, I chose the Wildlife Photo Expedition. The instructions were to find works of art and then identify the animals inside of them. I have a strong interest in animals, big and small, so this project was especially appealing to me. Select animals are more prominent in the composition of some of the works, where others are harder to find. There are animals that appear in wide ranges of pieces, no matter the culture of medium. After going through countless collections, these are 18 of my favorite pieces that feature animals.

1) "Landscape with Animals" by Roelandt Savery Among this landscape, Savery included many types of animals. Cows, ducks, and goats dot the terrain, but the most interesting animal in this composition is the pelican in the lower right hand corner. 2) "Youths Playing with the Cat" by Abraham Bloemaert A furry feline takes center stage in this painting by Bloemaert. A jovial young man holds the unhappy cat while a younger fellow tugs on the poor creature's leg. 3) "The Shepherdess" by William-Adolphe Bouguereau Tender affection exudes from this painting as a barefooted maiden cuddles a wooly friend. Another companion follows shortly behind. 4) "Hunter in the Winter Wood" by George Henry Durrie Of course, animals are expected in this work based on the title, unless the hunter was having an off day. A small hunting dog leaps off to the left and two cows are attended to on the right, but no wild game is spotted as far as we can see. 5) "Japanese Woodblock" by Unknown Intricately decorated steeds are a main component in this woodblock, as well as the battle that it is depicting. 6) "A Sunday of La Grande Jatte" by George Seurat The fine craft of pointillism details two dogs enjoying a Sunday at the park, and even more strangely, a monkey found at the heels of a lady. 7) "Adam and Eve in Paradise" by Lucas Cranach the Elder In this portrait of Adam of Eve, the snake representing Satan is present as well as an elk and a ferocious looking feline. 8) "Landscape with Apollo and Diana" by Lucas Cranach the Elder This other work by Lucas Cranach the Elder definitely resembles the one before it. Besides the nude figures, does anything else look familiar? The elk looks in less danger in this portrait than the other. 9) "Work" by Ford Madrox Brown Amongst the hustle and bustle of this work scene, you can find three of man's best friends along the bottom of this painting. 10) "Berkshire Foothills, Full Moon Over Meadowbrook" by Aaron Draper Shattuck Cows silently drink some fresh water in the distance, adding to the serenity of this landscape. 11) "Saint George Killing the Dragon" by Bernat Martorell A whole new kind of animal is displayed in this work of art. Characteristics of real animals are combined to form a mythological creature. 12) "The Sleeping Gypsy" by Henri Rousseau In this famous piece, a lion quietly roams while a gypsy catches some sweet slumber. 13) "River Landscape with Riders" by Aelbert Cuyp Horses, cows and a small, sleepy pup are found in this landscape. 14) "The Roping" by William Robinson Leigh A noble horse is the prominent focal point in this painting. While other works put the animals in as an afterthought or as a small piece of symbolism, this animal takes the reigns in this painting. 15) "Market Day in Constantinople" by Alberto Pasini This crowded marketplace is home to commerce as well as a few animals. Two wolves and horses are found among the baskets of fruit. 16) "Sun Drying Herrings" by Laurits Tuxen This painting revolves around animals as these ladies are drying out the day's catch. A feathered friend is also seen among the tall grass. 17) "The Sorceress" by Bartolomeo Guidobono An antelope, accompanied by a dog, are found in this scene. 18) "Malle Babbe" by Frans Hal A nocturnal bird is featured in this work by Frans Hal, one of the artists featured in the exhibit now at the Frist.

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