The Holocaust

By: Olivia Sheffield

This image is of a police raid in Berlin. The trucks are taking away prisoners.
The Jews are forced into ghettos. This image is of on of the walls at the Warsaw ghetto.
Those in the Warsaw ghetto started an uprising. They then surrender to German soldiers.
The Jews are forced into concentration camps. These are some boys in the Auschwitz camp dressed in striped clothes.
This is an image from Buchwald concentration camp. The men are lined up in front of German officials.
These prisoners walk along a road near Parchim. They are from one of the concentration camps.
These men are from Buchenwald concentration camp. They were liberated by the troops of the 80th Division.
This man is a prisoner from Belsen concentration camp. He is sitting because he has become too weak to walk.
This picture was taken at Buchenwald. Some Germans were horrified by the bodies of Jews.
This picture was taken from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. The guards are unloading bodies into a ditch.
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