This image represents primary triadic because of the because of the three colors shown in the image the red, yellow, and blue.
This image to my eye represents secondary triadic because of the orangey tone of the sundown and the purple horizon. Last, I feel as the water has a greenish undertone to it that pops out a little.
This image represents tertiary triadic because the male figure is yellow orange-ish and as for the background it is very red orange-ish.
This picture here that depicts a man represents analogus color due to the fact that the whole picture seems to have a red purple color to it.
This picture of a china plate represents split-complementary based on the opposite colors and where they're located on the plate. Yellow and blue apart just as red and green.
This picture of a flower represents complementary color because of the yellow color of the flower and the green stems of the flowers. Lastly, the blue textured background.
This image of a forest represents warm colors because the yellowish color stands out a lot rather then anything else in the image also with the tint of red in the background it feels like summer.
This photo is very cool, the two colors shown in the picture which are blue and black make the photo seem like ice and give off an eerie chill to it.
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