Pattern & Rhythm

By: Caitlynn Jesse

This Spittoon displays pattern through its recurring flowered pattern on the top and bottom of the piece. The rhythm is found in the repetition of the pattern which is seen just by looking at the object. This provides some form of order to the work. There is not much variety or change in the pattern.
This image provides pattern and rhythm. While the pattern is somewhat repetitive. The variety of color and pattern is simplistic, but effective in creating a visually pleasing image.
This provides pattern and rhythm. It uses the same shape and texture repeating in a sequence. While it is not all the same shapes, the main pattern is evident. A recurring pattern and rhythm provides unity to the piece that is easily anticipated by the viewer.
I really liked this piece because of it is visually appealing. It has a steady pattern that helps build the rhythm. It is a simple repetition in terms of art principles, but it looks complex.
Is it black with white stripes or white with black stripes? Either way, this image produces pattern and simple rhythm. The lines pattern is visually pleasing to the eye, but the image does have a focal point in which the lines are obscured.
This image has a focal point where the eye is drawn to the lion. However, it has an obvious pattern and rhythm around it. The colors are simplistic, but it creates a pleasing pattern to the plate.
I really appreciate the different shades of brown used in this image. The main color of the "Flask" is more tan, but the darker browns provide a pleasing circular pattern. The pattern is predictable and easily recognizable.
This image has an obvious pattern. The repeating bottles are different colors, but provide a pleasing pattern to the eye. It has a simple repetitive style but all together with the contrasting colors this painting provides rhythm and pattern.
This image seems to have a pattern within a pattern. There is the yellow, circular pattern, but also the person running that comes to a focal point. This image seems to have a rhythmic design structure where the viewer notices multiple patterns.
This design creates a motif in which the same pattern is repeated throughout the image. In this case it seems to be a repeating floral pattern that creates an abstract. It also has a rhythm to which is seen through the repetition of the image.
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