The Yellow Light

In this gallery you will see how yellow can set the mood or light up a painting like no other color can.

In this painting we see the Vincent van Gogh used the color yellow brilliantly to make it look like light was shinning through the painting. The skys are displayed with incredible uses of yellow to portray a starry night.
The use of yellow in this pieces simbolizes either the reflection in the water or the waves coming in. The Subtel tone of the yellow was used remarkably to give the effects of water or motion.
A Disaster at Sea uses the color in almost the same way the landscape with water. It uses yellow for the reflection of the water but it also defines the waves in the sea.
As you see the yellow in this one is very subtle and small but it grabes the effect wanted for this. Here you see a explotion or a sunset in the horizon. It gives a strong centered effect that your eyes see as light and also center on the painting.
This is a more practical use of yellow. Not like the others, this one uses the light from the yellow to illuminate all the characters painted and also uses it as a center point .
The very deep dark yellow in this painting is used to light the painting itself. With it, it gives you a silhouette of the tree, water and waterfall in the background. So with yellow it gives you a perspective on how the painting looks without most colors.
The yellow in this painting is very dominant and illuminating. He uses the color to give a big bright effect on the pieces of fruite. Even though it a very unique painting the yellow adds a lot of brightness that you don't see in many paintings.
The light from the painted sun in this artwork is very subtle but very overwhelming. Even though you don't see much yellow in the ground you see the whole sky engulfed in the yellow suns light.
The light of the yellow from this painting is very light and clam not light the one with the fruits. You see that yellow light is used in this because of the sunflower and if there was no light they would be looking down. But you see most of them looking up at the light.
This beautiful painting uses yellow in a calm and joyful manner to simbolize the joy of that time. The yellow light from the sky you see that it embraces the ground with very subtle hints of yellow of give a morning or evening feel to the painting.
Even though you dont see the sun in this painting you still get a felling that it's right above them. Since we see a ground that is engulfed in yellow light and it also gives off a very dire and calm day.
This one i choose it because it has some very subtle hints of yellow light coming from he background of that tree to the left. It shows a very nice and calm morning in the painting.
I choose this one because of the very dominant yellow light coming from the clouds and it reflecting on that spot of the water. This also gives a very calm and inviting effect on the painting that it being painted blue with dark spots.
This painting use of yellow is very subtle and calm side to it. The light hitting the water and background gives the impression of the day either just starting or about to end. This painting gives off a very uncentralized theme to it even thought we have characters in the painting.
Now this one has a very unique felling to it the whole painting has a very dark setting but you see a yellow light in the center of the painting. This could mean many things like hope in bleak times. So with that you see the yellow light going from person to person and illuminating there face.
Credits: All media
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