Works of Art and Architecture I would Like to See

First,The Lincoln Memorial. A very important element was used would be mass. The size of this monument was used to show the importance. Also used was drawing as media created prior to sculpting.
Next, The Golden Gate Bridge. Lines and form of course were used to create a straight yet sturdy structure. Also drawing was used to create blueprint. Unlike any other structure it is used everyday.
Third, Christ the Redeemer. Mass was used to show how the people of Brazil felt about Christ. It shows the gratitude to him. Standing above this city it is definitely worth visiting.
Mona Lisa was and is one of the most mysterious paintings. The lines used in this painting were not in much detail so the focus wouldnt be taking from the whole painting. Water painting was used here.
Last Supper. Multiple elements were used. Color scheme was great showing much detail. Also line gave a lot of detail to what was going on in the room. Water painting was used to show deep coloring.
Credits: All media
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