ART 111

This painted is called a Cow's Skull with Calico Roses by Georgia O'Keeffe. The skull is symmetrical and gives the the painting a formal presence. This balance is used to express order and harmony.
This painting is called Venus with a Mirror by Titian. This painting reflects female beauty and the women's admiring her beauty. Titian tells stories of Greek goddesses showing love, beauty and death.
This form of vanitas painting was created by Carstian Luyckx. Vanitas include skulls, books and necklace as objects. The meaning of the skull puts us in mind of death. The candle's for times passing.
This painting is by Cimabue. The artist paints pictures of Mary and her son, Christ. Mary is the important figure and holds her son who is the earth's salvation. The two angels symbolize holiness.
This sculpture was created by Louise Brongniart.Her works is used to tell stories with many focusing on her childhood memories. Her work can include missing parts that allow her to re-experience fear.
Credits: All media
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