grant and his generals

This picture I found was really neat a lot of famous people like grant, Custer Balling brought out the true meaning of this picture with the colors smoke, the flags and all the different leaders were supported Gen. Grant. Also like how the horses are all running and have different head positions which makes this painting life like expressions get here are some look like they are confused some thinking what to do next some not paying attention others ready to go to battle. Colors he used for well this painting it makes it look real expression that I get from his painting is getting close to a big battle everyone is there to see the conclusion was what happened there. I also like how he made like dust come up in the painting is even more realistic value is painting also gives the story of a big battle that came up for everyone to remember and a lot of lives were lost. I think the other paintings like this all the same order as balling did in this painting is true meaning for everyone to see his paintings I like to look at that catch my eye make me look into it think about history from ancient times till now.

Credits: All media
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