Green is Life

All the Images in my gallery are of different kinds of scenery.  This is because I love looking at paintings of scenery. The reason each of them were chosen was because of a different media it reminded me of. This was mostly anime or TV shows, however there was also one song and a couple movies.  Something common among the paintings is the color green as color of life, each of the landscapes have green throughout them.  There are a couple painting without any green and this shows that the area in the painting is abandoned or devoid of life,

YugiohThis is the piece that inspired the idea of making the gallery based off of anime.  This scene reminds me of a location in the show Yugioh where a whole season takes place.  The island is very lively during this season full of people chasing their dreams.
This piece reminded me of the anime Rurouni Kenshin.  It's an anime about preserving life and not killing.
This piece reminded me of the anime Vampire Knight.  Its a Vampire human love story however all the characters die and turn into vampires at one point or another.  This is one of the pieces without much green and  the anime it reminds me of is about death and the afterlife.
This piece reminded me of the movie Bridge to Terebithia. I really liked the trees that weren't completely real but wild and amazing at the same time.
This piece reminded me of the anime BlackButler.  This is because right from the beginning you know the main character is going to die because of a deal he made.  Many other people die along the way.
This piece reminded me of the anime Trigun.  This is because the desolate and ruined area of the background is overshadowed by the life and green in the foreground.  Trigun is about a desolate place that people are trying to bring back to life.
This piece reminded me of Dragonball Z.  This is because the wild rock formations reminded me of the world Namek in the anime. A lively other planet.
This piece reminded me of the anime Avatar The Last Airbender.  This is because the tree's reminded me of a part of the show where you meet a bunch of refugees in the forest making a living inside the trees fending off attackers on the ground.
This piece reminded me of the anime Fairy Tail.  This is because during one point in the show the characters are suffering in a desert with no life around them at all.  There is also no green here.
This piece reminded me of the anime Princess Mononoke. This movie was about what man does to forests but also how life goes on.  This painting gives me the same impression.
This piece reminds me of the anime Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.  During several fight scenes in this anime destruction occurs. The characters even cause a volcano to explode in the end causing massive destruction all around them.
This piece reminded me of the anime Black Cat.  During one part of this show the character goes on a soul searching mission and finds himself new life in a place looking similar to this.
This piece reminded me of the song Into the Ocean by Blue October.  This song tells a story of a man who falls overboard into the ocean and dies.  There is also no green in this picture.
This piece reminded me of the Disney movie Pocahontas. This is becauseof the older look to it but also the beauty in the scenery.  It seemed like the song 'Colors of the Wind.'
This piece reminded me of the anime Telepathy Girl Ran.  The tree in this image reminded me of an episode where Ran helps a long lost spirit find his way back to his loved one waiting for him by the ancient tree.
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