What is it good for? - Nolan Gregory

A gallery based on the theme of war.  War is a strong topic full of dramatic tension, large scale action, and various other smaller themes.  Artistic impressions of war can lead to various topics, up to the interpretation of the viewer, as well as the message the artist wishes to display.

A clear photograph showing the power of war, an elite sharpshooter placed dead with his rifle on a battlefield. It demonstrates how easy it is to throw our lives away, no matter how prepared.
Reminds me of the D-Day operation in World War II, this piece demonstrates the large scale of seemingly small operations with the size of the characters, as well as the depth perception.
The sun shining on the back of their heads is a nice effect in this image. I like how this image also sends me a vibe of comfort, the facial expressions of the sailers show they know what they are doing.
As a side note, I'm curious of what the photographer thinks when taking these pictures. This image shows the action portrayed in war, something that doesn't stop until its completely over. The floating debris in the light to the right side helps show this feeling.
This image shows a very good depth of field, the line of sight of the photographer and the soldier to the left is completely different because of the shoreline. I will think the contrast is not very great, however that is very tough to fix in photography.
Depth of field is a running theme in this overall theme of war. This picture has much better contrast than the previous, and it really shows with the angle around twice as tall as the height of the closest soldier in the picture. This image is another clear example of the scale of war and conflict.
Almost like a ghost town, this street shows next to no life minus one person in the center. I enjoy the colors darkening to represent the shadows and gloominess of the setting, it's a very small detail but I think it matter a lot. The sense of size is also apparently with the lone individual standing in the center.
With war comes advertisement to take advantage of the setting. I laugh at people who managed to succeed in business plans using a terrible method like so. However this piece has very good contrasting color while still looking realistic with proportions and style.
Depth of field may be one running theme, the other would be size. This poster is simple, but the picture it draws is large, comparing the size of the men to the structure in front of them, they want to illustrate a very sizable problem with the Civil War.
The colors are wonderful for a tinted portrait, as well as the proportions of the clothing. I really enjoy the details on the pants, and how puffy they look. I like the pose and the shins of the boots on him as well, perhaps it is an image of someone who knows what he is getting in to.
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