Society to Self 

  Society is made up by lots of people and it's also affect by people. Each person have their own identity to made up a complex society. But sometimes, society can change a person's personality and affect their identity. Different society can make the same person be in a different totally position. These gallery will shows you the art express people's thought, under the society change.

This is the self-portrait of van gogh. After he cut his right ear the disturbance emotion was full of his paints. He didn't want to show his damage ear to people, the whole community he lived in was blame him, it made he became talk less and doubtful to himself, the cool color expressed his lonely and affair.
A lonely man was standing front of the cheer and thinking. The wall he faced to is full of his memories. Old memories from long time ago. He used to be in all these memories but now he just thinking about it. People with logy plait, conflict between different parties. Those memories makes him to be a mature man like now.
Dr. Kaga is one of the most important person that affect van gogh's whole life. This is portrait of Dr. Kaga. He has the deep and distressed eyes. He was distress of the society he had seen. He saw a lot of people can't afford their medical fee and some the his patients died really painful. He became depressed because of the dark society at that time.
Return of the prodigal son is describe a old man accept his son back to home. His son took his parent's property and leaved for so many years, but the cruelty world changed his mind. He became gentle and modest, he realized he did the wrong thing and he went back to his home, request the forgive from his father.
The broken wall is fixing by the colorful building blocks. The old wall was vapidity and bored, but it became interesting and dynamic when the new colors came up. Such as people in the society have there own color to fill out the society. The society can also change people's color.
A beautiful Japanese woman is a social butterfly. She use makeup to make her look good, exaggerate foundation make up describe the Japanese culture, a colorful kimono and complex head wears sigh her special status. Society need this kind of women, they act the perfect women to make people happy, they cover their true personality and act like the other person.
This paint shows us the autumn time in the countryside. Golden crop and worker are all around the picture. In this picture, people work together became a whole group, they sit under the tree and talk to each other, peaceful and kind. Hard work is one of the expectation of the society, and it makes people work together and help each other.
Bind-feet and traditional Chinese costume tells us the background of this picture. She's a Chinese woman lived during 1830s, her dress up like most Chinese women at that time. Bind-feet is a part of old Chinese culture, it limited the size of women's feet, which is painful and ugly. But people like women have small feet. The Chinese society "force" women to bind their feet and made them feel lower than the men.
Shadow is the main point of this picture, but the materials which create the shadow are really small. Some small things can make a huge affect. Such as different people are different material and the big shadow is their self-esteem and their reflection to the society, society is huge, but it also affect by each person in this society.
This is a picture about a female soldier in the Chinese history. A female soldier is very uncommon in Chinese history.This picture is talking about a country was getting attack and no one want to fight for this country, this woman had no choice but fight. Despair for the whole country make her braver than most of the women also make her to be a worrier.
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