Art Element: Color

I choose this picture due to the high amount of greens used. Green is the color of life and vitality, and the greens give the picture an air of graceful tranquility.
The oranges and reds at the bottom of the picture are evocative of a fiery sunset, while the pale yellows and blues above the cross arms are symbolic of a heavenly dawn.
There are three prominent colors used in this painting: blue, yellow, and green. There is both life and "darkness" here.
Yellow is the dominant hue, but different tints and shades are used.
Frida uses pops of jewel-tones hues to contrast the simple background
Complements of red and yellow
Red complement intensifies the blood in a blue painting
Secondary complements of red-orange and green. Analogous green and blue
Vibrant yellow, reds and oranges complement deep blues.
Credits: All media
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