The Emotional Colour: Orange

The art pieces presented here all feature the colour orange, and how it often depicts numerous emotions.

In this piece, we see Venus taking Cupid's bow away. The colour orange is prominent, and helps in portraying a simple moment in time between the two. The emotion is not flat, but calm and simple.
This piece is interesting. The orange contrasts the figure, helping in the depiction of thought, and fear. The figure stares out, as if he is both scared and angry at what or whom ever he is looking at.
The beauty in this image is marvelous. The emotion that orange is depicting is the sense of serenity.
A tragic event, surely. The emotion depicted here is fear and ferocity, as the orange flames engulf London.
Here, we see Abe Lincoln reading a document next to a fire pit. The emotion here is warm and comforting.
The emotion here, depicted by orange, is a sense of danger and foreboding, as if one is about to cross over the ultimate threshold in one's epic journey.
In this piece, orange is aiding in the depiction of terror and loss.
Here, the orange feels as if it is sinking into nothingness, just as one's gut can sink from a bad feeling, or from a sense of doubt.
In this abstract piece, the emotion is curiosity and going with a certain flow
The emotion depicted by this landscape and sunset is a sense of serenity and mystery.
The emotion can be seen here as dedication and strong willpower. The tight weave represents the ability to hold onto something and never letting go, such as what one would do with one's hopes and dreams.
This piece appears to create a sense of adventure, as if one is delving deep into the curiosity behind this abstract piece.
Orange here feels stiff and dirty, giving off a natural emotion of stability and growth.
Here, Orange is depicted with a sense of majesty and wonder.
Finally, war. The colour orange shows the bright and sudden event of war, and how it can hold a last effect in one's mind. The vibrant colour highlights the death and ferocity surrounding the main figure.
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