Sports in sculpture - Tyler Pisani

An exploration of the sculptural representations of sports. This virtual gallery will explore the way sports, their equipment and players were represented in a sculptural medium before the addition of the majority of today's computer assistance technology, more specifically, how sculptures depicted sports before the turn of the millennium.

This sculpture depicts two players playing field hockey. With this piece the artist is able to showcase the movement of the players by showing them in different but similar positions, with their legs in different states of movement. The lack of facial or muscular features pushes the viewer to focus on the piece as a whole rather than drawing the eyes to a specific area.
Two men wrapped up together fighting for supremacy in a wrestling match. The two competitors are very muscular, the musculature of their bodies are shown through different colors creating the illusion of shadows. Unlike other sculptures depicting athletes these wrestlers are very detailed from facial features to toe nails, giving the observer many layers to examine.
Four runners are depicted making a final reach for the finish line. All four of the runners appear to be in motion, leaning towards the finish line with one foot in the air. The lean of the sculpture drives the viewers line of sight from right to left finishing upon the presumed winner’s outstretch hands.
A single baseball player is in position to hit the ball with his outstretched bat. The simplicity of this piece exemplifies the subject’s actions. The coloration and lack of definition keep the observer from focusing too much on the athlete, instead the spark of color on the end of the bat draws the viewer to the actual actions of the athlete.
Two polo players fight for the ball from atop their horses despite another horse on the ground in the middle of the action. The competitive “no quit” attitude exemplified across sports is shown through the use of movement in this piece, the two riders still fighting for the ball even though another horse is going unnoticed on the ground.
The winner holds up the Olympic flag while the runner ups are supporting it. The piece showcases that even though sports are competitive and there is winners and losers, sports are just games. The arms act as arrows and draw the observers eyes away from participants and instead to the bigger organization, the Olympics.
Two basketball players reach for a loose ball, their bodies fully extended. This sculpture shows the competitive nature of sports by illustrating two athletes fighting for the ball. The lines of their bodies draw the viewers eyes towards the ball which is a different color to emphasis it’s difference.
The rider of a bicycle celebrates after a race. The sculptor uses color to signify the rider has won the race. In bicycle racing the front runner wears a yellow jersey to signify their position. His outstretch hands toward the sky signify an celebratory emotion.
The subject of this piece is of a single ice hockey player. The sculptor is able to create the illusion of movement, which is a common theme in sports, by leaning the player and creating an asymmetrical balance with the entire sculpture weighted to the right side.
The basketball player dribbling a ball down the court is a three dimensional sculpture that uses space in to show the movement of the ball. By moving the ball off of the wall the artist was able to show a distinct separation from the player’s hand and his arm reaching down towards the ball shows his desire to make contact with the ball again. The outstreched right arm of the player fills in the negative space in the upper third of the sculpture.
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