craig robbins

This is a gallery of pieces I really enjoy. All from different parts of the world, I tried to keep an open mind to enjoy a bit of everything.

With the central focus on Madonna, this is a very rich piece out of the 16th century
What's more peaceful than relaxing by a nice mill creek
Roger van der Weyden's care in portraying this Virgin and Child is very warming. Much detail is focused on her hands, holding onto the child
A time of change in the United States. I enjoy this piece because Webber is depicting so many things all at once
Another American piece, I know, but this tells it all about growing old. Relaxing with your honey as you both grow old, sitting, she knits, the man reads. Iconic America
The Civil War! A classic staple in American history.
Who better then the great 16th President of the United States, Abe Lincoln
central focus on the fire and a mass crowd outside
peaceful, serene, and green
men hard at work, close quarters, large central window, enjoyable piece
no one person seems at all pleased in their demeanor. At some time, smiles were not accepted in art, but yikes, very straight and plain. A central focus on the middle dark clothed man with what looks like baby chimp.
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