young trap lord 

color gallry

the young man at war that looks like that he really didnt get to see any real fighting and that it was that he shouldn't be in a war because he looks really youngthe color of this photo is more of a old because it is a really drk color and that it has black
it lookslike the color is more than a cold color because you have blue and black and the dark colors it is in the sky and by the mounten
the people that are just in like a coffee shopand the lady in the photo is looking at her cup and i think thatthis is complermentry because the way that the atrist use the color and how it is also mix together
the nice and peaceful way place and it look like that the color is like the color is a worm because the color it light and the sky is white the plants are green
all the rocks that was used to make the lock et and how they used it and that tis art work fall i ot some spots like primary triadic because the black in th back ground and the way that the gems are shineing and the way how it is getting the attenchen of the art work
that it looks like a bird that has no head that it looks like its hurt amd i think that this art work has a primary triadic because you can see that the mane color is lak because of the black bird and also the really black back grown
looks like that god came down from the heavens and that it if really good throw they used for the light and that this has a really worm color because it as a lot of red that will make it a really worm
that it looks real because it looks like it is real and that it is clear that the tree is made out of metel and that it is more of a secondery color
the art work look like it is trying to blend the color and trying to make it look like that the color can fit and with the red it makes the art work stand out a lot more than it will ever stand out andthe black also makes it stand out
to me this looks like Atmospheric Perspective and it also looks like now in our world the one we all live in all we see is war blood and body and there is no peace and that s something that kids see everywhere in the world
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