Ocean Motion

This intriguing and captivating exhibition, 'Ocean Motion', is art portraying the "Ocean" in various ways and combines traditional works and modern takes on the way we can enjoy one of the most rugged and beautiful things in nature. It brings together a great and diverse collection of artworks from 1814 to current day, showing the ocean from differing opinions and feelings. The works are exhibited in a way that allows the viewer to stand back and take in the ocean from different perspectives. The exhibition ranges from classical works such as 'Sunrise' by Claude Monet which focuses on the calm, serene feeling created by the ocean and is painted in cool colours which are typical of the ocean, through to modern artworks that are painted to highlight political issues important to the artist. Throughout the exhibition the theme is maintained so the audience gets to see the way in which the ocean can take on different images from being wild and scary to peaceful and calm. By using different artists, their artworks are able to show a wide array of contrasting works that compare the ocean and what feelings and emotions are expressed when people look at the works. All the selected artworks capture the beauty and mystery of the ocean. They relate to each other so the viewer is able to understand the message being conveyed by the artist, the effect the artwork has due to the way it is structured, the mood or feeling of the artist and also how over decades the theme of the ocean is still being enjoyed. "Ocean Motion" is a wonderful display of the many changing faces the ocean has.

This work evidences the Structural Frame
This work evidences the Subjective Frame
This work evidences the Cultural Frame
This work evidences the Post Modern Frame
Credits: All media
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