Movement in art-Tyler Stephens

The theme I chose to look at is movement. I wanted to find pieces of art that depicts motion, where you can almost see the scene unfold before your eyes. The artwork of course does not move, but with the right effects, an artist can simulate the idea of motion.

Here we see what almost looks like a panoramic photograph of a person, or people, walking, or doing something. It is a bit hard to tell what is truly happening here, but the image does accurately fit out theme of movement. The effect is created with the panorama.
This is an image of suburban graffiti with what looks like several roads coming out actually to form our theme word, movement. This is a very interesting and colorful piece.
While this image is merely of black and white squares that shrink in one area, this one is actually perfect for our movement theme. If you move the picture around, the effect of motion is created.
This one is a beautiful work of birds flying through the sky over what appears to be water. You can almost imagine the birds flying and the movement is very well seen in the rippling water.
Here we see a very colorful portrait of what looks like a nursing home. This one is so busy and vivid, it'd be impossible not to see movement. The picture seems to go on forever with busily moving senior citizens.
Here we see a line up of several pictures of a hand. Within every picture, the hand moves slightly and if you follow it frame by frame, the movement of the hand comes to life.
Here we see what looks like a sketch of a busy city street. This picture is done in such a way, that while it looks somewhat cartoony, the movements of everything and everyone on the street come to life.
Here we have a painting with a very outer space look to it. On top of a black background with thousands of speckles that interpret stars, we see fast streaks of color that blasts of the page. You can practically see the entire universe coming to life in this painting.
Here we have a simple picture of three girls in a white dress combing their hair. The picture is almost fuzzy and out of focus, but it creates an aurora of movement around it.
Our last picture, looks to be more of a diagram, but it definitely depicts motion in perspective. Everywhere you look at it, the picture seems to move and you can almost see straight down into it.
Credits: All media
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