The absence of color is a collection of art from the past to the present that is specific to black and white. Black and white art has been around forever and it never goes out of style. By focusing on the values, black and white art is appealing to the eye today as much, or more than when it first began. Debbie Giesbrecht

In this dynamic painting by Kang, he explores the use of positive and negative space in the whole canvas. The detail of the Korean oil brush strokes is quite captivating, drawing the viewer in.
Free Angela Davis, a poster from the 1970s shows the political activist of the time yelling out a speech. The photograph itself is quite the statement, but when we look at the history behind it, it's easy to see and feel the turmoil she felt for those she was standing up for.
Wu actually tried several times to create his perfect version of this waterway. He purposefully didn't make it with great precision, instead relied on what it made him feel. He managed to capture the essence of the water and the densely packed houses, making a beauty all on its own.
Using only black and white charcoal Govaert created a quite dynamic single figure. It depicts a young man on a pose looking over his shoulder. Using the white to add shimmer to his clothing also adds depth making the drawing that much more vivid.
This piece by Charles Wilbert White depicts a very important part of American History. Placing a naked black man as well as a child in a fetal position, giving us a glimpse of the horrors of slavery. Using the two flags of the time in the background also depicts the civil war of the time and what those symbols stood for.
This beautiful mosaic found in the cathedral of Santa Maria is made of contrasting black and white mosaics. It was made in the Roman Era and depicts a winged figure. This piece, although not able to be reconstructed completely, gives us a very detailed work of art, beautiful, even thou it contains no color.
This intricate piece made by Timmy Payungka is an intricate pattern depicting the shape of keys in a way. However this painting is actually incised into wooden objects associated with secret ceremonies, giving this piece a very interesting history along with its very interesting pattern.
Giving an emphasis on black and white, Zdenek really captures an abstract moving like painting. In Black and White Structure we see several geometric shapes, mostly circles, as well as good negative space. This piece is certainly an interesting abstract piece easy to get lost in.
This Ink and wash piece from Yuan is definitely a favorite. The simple but elaborate brush strokes makes this piece look effortlessly beautiful. We can sense a sort of movement from the horses running. The negative space in this piece also helps shape how we view them.
This white wall made of white plaster was stained by rain making it appear black. After analyzing the rain, it was found that it had traces of an atomic explosion, giving it the unique black appearance. It almost seems like it was done on purpose, giving the white wall a contrasting rain, creating a unique abstract work of art.
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