Gallery of Constructions

this gallery is based on buildings. so people/students who like houses/buildings will like it. thank you

i have chosen this picture of windmill picture because it has a beautiful art style like the water and the people in the this gallery.
This picture was so pretty in this mood that i chose this. this picture shows an olden day constructions and the graves front of it made me abit freaky.
this art work was very realistic to me. it has the perfect sight of the house and the trees and the people. this picture was very powerful art work too.
this art work was a bit to express. this art work was very imagenary and very peaceful. this pictures name is farmhouse but to me it looks like a imagenary house.
this art work looks like its haunted house. to me it looked like a horror movie house bu i think van gogh was thinking of something else.
this art work looks like a street full of houses. this art work expreses a stormy street of houses that is about become dark.
this art works seems it just turned morning and people are wakeing up. the peopl looks like their going for a shopping in the street or going for a walk and work.
this art work shows me that people are walking throught the brigde and the black suit people looks a bit like a there are going to work.
this picture looks like the people are fishing and i think the windmill is helping them dig the ground.
this art works looks very realistic and the windmills looks like its about trun around.
this picture looks like they are celebrating because there is few horses and boats and the boats have spears or ithey might be getting ready fora battle.
this picture looks like there is alot of people about to watch something in the middle of theses bulidings or it might be there is a market and they are about to buy somthing.
this house inside the picture looks very old but very pretty because the colour matches the grass the roof and the next house matches too.
this picture makes me a bit scared because in Science fiction Doctor who this picture shows there is a invisible monster inside this church .
this picture looks very cool and very creative construction. this isn't a piece of art but its an very creative shaped construction so it counts as an art work
this picture looks like that this place in the picture is like a small shop in the parade and the people in this picture looks like they are wearing a special clothes for something
this art works have lots of buildings and 1 or 2 people trying to get the wheats. i think there are 2 windmills and they all are spinning around .
this picture looks a bit like inside of a church that is not built yet and its looks the windows are the paterns too. Its looks very peaceful just looking at the picture..
this picture looks very dark and its looks like its about to rain. the houses looks like its very old and a bit old like a little shed.
this picture looks very bright and painted very lite and the build looks very colourful so i think that van gogh was out of paint or something else.
this art work actually looks very realistic and the turbine and the house next to it looks very big and i think a rich person lives next to it. and the two people at the front looks like their dating maybe or just going for a walk.
this picture looks like van gogh have drawn this in France and it looks like its just began the bright morning and the flags in the winmkill looks very good and the windmill is very small.
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