Beauty in distress - Courtney Ross

The theme for this gallery is Beauty in Distress. It contains a variety of artworks that are showing people in distress or bad situations, but we as the viewer can still see the beauty in these vivid artworks,  they produce powerful feelings, and emotions, and create clear images in the mind. 

This painting seems to show angels at battle. There are curved, horizontal, and vertical lines all throughout this painting. It is also mostly made up of positive space, where the angel lay going towards the bottom, as we can see at the top, it has more negative space.
In this painting we see a man looking at a wall showing history of the world. The emphasis/focus of this painting is the chair, when looking at the chair it draws your eye on to the two people lying on the ground. The painting also has variety, all of the different things going on, it holds your attention, and guides your eyes through the painting.
In this painting, as we can see a war went on. This is another painting that has variety, it keeps you focused, and keeps your attention. The lines in this painting are horizontal, vertical, and curved. They shapes are mostly static, but in the part with the soldiers, it seems to be dynamic.
As we can see in this painting, homes or something that mean't a lot to these people got burned down. The majority of this artwork is made up of negative space. The people make up the small amount of positive space there in in this piece. This also has 3 dimensional space, it s not just a side by side painting, there is a field of depth.
In this piece of artwork, we clearly she distress. A man walking with a can, and his arm in a sling amongst dead people. The lines in this painting are mostly vertical with a few horizontal, and curved lines. All the people we see that are standing are creating a vertical line, those on the ground are creating horizontal lines, with some curved lines as well.
In this painting we see people mourning over dead christ. Jesus' body is creating a curved line. The colors in the artwork are tetradic. The balance is symmetrical, elements are equally distributed throughout the painting. There is also unity in this piece, every part of the painting comes together well.
In this piece of artwork we clearly see a battle going on. The balance in this painting is asymmetrical, the lines are vertical, and horizontal. There is all a sense of variety in this painting. The shapes are static, and dynamic, the two men in the front seem to be shooting guns.
Here we see a women who obviously beat that man with the hammer we see in her hand. There is a lot of texture in this artwork. The women dress has texture, both mens clothes have texture, as well as there faces, and body parts that are shown.
In this painting we can see a man standing in front of a building that guess we an assume either got burned down or tore down. The lines in this are vertical where the wood pieces standing upward. This paint is also made up of three dimensional space. it creates depth.
In this last piece of artwork we see two solider lying on the ground dead after going into battle. There is a lot of texture in this, it's very realistic. There are textures on the ground, the soldiers clothing, also the electric fence in the back as some texture in it. The lines in the fence are mostly curved, the wood pieces going through it are vertical.
Credits: All media
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