Art 100

This plate encompasses multiple patterns. The most obvious pattern is the overlapping bars. Within the spaces between the bars however a concentric pattern is present.
This cloth has a pattern of repetitive colors. The woven pattern makes the cloth appear to be moving.
Irregular concentric patterns with contrasting colors.
Multiple modest patterns present in the photograph. One pattern is resent in the display atop the arch. A second pattern is seen in the stonework within the arch.
Contrasting patterns in interior design. A pattern also present in the arrangement of ottomans around the table.
Complementary colors in alternating pattern. Heart theme is repetitive however with different images within.
Linear pattern in the arrangement of the panels. Differing repetitive patterns within each panel. Complementary colors work to keep the flow between panels.
A repetitive pattern exists within the color choice. Two other patterns are also present on the vase. One set of painted lines shows a chevron pattern, while the second show swooping lines.
Textured pattern present on the subjects leg with alternating colors.
Irregular pattern of patterned squares.
Credits: All media
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