life in a Concrete Jungle - Nicholas Noriega Overly

This gallery demonstrates how movement and color in nature can bring to life seemingly dead structures in street art. By taking a look at the movement used and colors defined in each piece, we can clearly depict what the artist wants us see and feel. Nature is brought back to us.

This mural by Roa depicts a lizard taking sun while holding a frog. Using the principle of movement, he placed the lizard leaning up in a relaxing matter, and made him look at the scenery around him.
A colorful moth flying towards a lamp. When the light is off, the moth will not be there, but when you turn it on, it will be going towards the light. We can see the principle of motion and color that is used with the play on light.
A forest with a rabbit, that leads to a beach with birds flying towards the ocean. The colors in the forest seem to be dark with rugged terrain, but the beach is clear and vibrant. We see a play with where the art is placed and the movement of animals that depicts that there is better things after this ugly structure.
Here we see the second part of the previous work of art. A tired fox, passing through the rugged forest towards the beach. The play with where the art work was placed is seen with the rugged terrain that is actually there. Giving the art work a feel of how hot and rugged the area is.
Set in autumn (depicted by the color of leaves on the ground) we see a branch with a beehive and leaves falling past it. On the beehive there is a dragon fly and a snail under it, slowly crawling. The artist used the orange structure for the autumn setting and movement on the leave to depict the seasons characteristics.
Here we see a lion with the Leo (astrology) star pattern showcasing the lions frame. With deep colors of blue and black and some light traces of orange, we see how the colors reflect the universe.
In this piece we see social criticism. What seems to be a person of high social class depicted as a pig. He is holding a glass of wine and is wearing a tuxedo. The pig is very rugged and ugly which portrays that even people in high social status can be "pigs".
"The Last Glass of Water" depicts exactly what the title says. Every living creature in this piece is fighting for the last glass of water, a social criticism of the on going problems with our water resource. Blue is highlighted through the piece to give emphasis to water and movement is clearly shown through the battle for the water.
Various living organisms are showcased from the "sacred element", water. Without water, there is no life.
The Aztec deity for water is shown here in the center of the piece. Under water, and with dead creatures and pollution. Depicted is the on going toxic water problem in Mexico. Blue is the strongest color depicting water and a strong pink color to make the dead fish stand out. We see the deity moving towards the viewer as to ask for help.
Credits: All media
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