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Saira's value of art gallery.

I can see this image is High Contrast, considering there's an easy distinction between the darkness of the image (around the edges) and the lightness of the image (middle.)
I can this image is a Low Contrast, it's gray-ish, no clear distinction between what is considered dark or light.
I would consider this image as the value distribution of being uneven. The top of the image or the ceiling is dark, clearly; and the rest of the image is gray.
This image would atmospheric perspective, because of the landscape shown, which the icy mountain range shown.
This image is considered a cast shadow considering there is shadow making what looks like a person with an old school camera filming something.
Chiaroscuro is definitely shown in this image, the black background and the person shown clearly in this image, gives you a sense that that's what the artist wants you to focus on.
This is an attached shadow considering the background of the man is shown to symbolize what is shown within him.
I would consider this image apart of value scale because there are different types of scale to take into account.For example, the black of the man and the rest of the background being gray and white.
Volumetric Value in this image by giving the image a face and a body.
I'm aware this is color! :) however, it could be considered a balance between value, because everything in the image would has its place (like the, what I'm assuming is sand, on the ground.)
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