Nature reflects our lives and emotions through colors, shapes, light, and so much more. When we view the outside world of nature, we use our five senses to see the color of the bright blue sky or the red-orange color of the sunset, to feel the rain or wind, to smell the flowers, or the taste of fruits and other foods. As quoted by Thomas Browne; "Nature is the art of God".

The painting "Study of Pink Hollyhocks in Sunlight" reflects on the birth of nature and the beginning of life. Jonh La Farge uses bright watercolors to show a light perspective in his art.
"Romantic Landscape with Spruce" painted by Elias Martin shows a dark theme. The dark haze and the tress leaning at an odd angle gives off a mystery that is hard to solve.
This photography describes a balance between nature and humanity. There's also a small picture of a naked human which probably tells us that the person in harmony with nature. From the far right corner of the photo you can see ancient writings on the sand as if it was telling us a story.
"Villa in the Roman Campagna" displays the nature as serene and peaceful from the mix of dark and light colors from the trees and landscape. Also, it shows us the shepherd's daily life in taking care of cattle. Claude Lorrain uses the change of colors from the trees to represent the change of season.
"Zealand Landscape. Open Country in North Zealand" shows a scenery of wide open spaces in the land of New Zealand. From the dirt road, bright color of the sky and the use of green for the trees and the grassy area shows the beauty of the countryside.
From the "Mountain Peak with Drifting Clouds", you can see the dark brown tree broken which symbolizes death. Another set of trees shows that they're in their dying state form the use of dark colors.
"Landscape with Cattle near a River" by Carlos de Haes use the mix of dark and bright colors. When you look at the horizon of his painting, you can see the change of colors starting to fade from light blue to a gold color which gives us an imagination of the sunset painting the blue sky.
"Landscape with Dune and Small Waterfall" painting expresses a sudden change in the landscape by the use of dark colors from the hills, the sand, and the small river or stream forming into a waterfall.
Rubens Peale used a set of colors to display his love of flowers. It fits the theme of nature because it expresses the idea and imagination of how we enjoy the beauty of flowers and their bright colors.
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