The Abundance of Green Woodland Is Secrecy

This painting was created to be placed in a pleasure house of King Louis XV's last mistress. Here, among the abundance of overgrown and shapely greenery, is to be them meeting in secret.
In the foreground, the shadows casted within and from the forest give light to the beautiful green silhouette. However, the overwhelming shadows hide details such as three people sitting curiously.
The sparse of greenery, save for a few bushes, leaves, and the boy's jacket, create a more innocent allusion. The little bit of green, however, signify that the girl is aware of her lover and control.
Towards the tops of the trees, they seem to be towards the end of their life. This can be related to the women's ages and purpose of journey as they divide the lighting within the sky and their path.
The unidentified women in green, the removal of six inches from the left of the image, and the removal of an additional figure are secretive in choice. The dark green beside the woman parallels her past.
The tall dense trees to the left create a shadow affect that highlights the seen of Jupiter's disguise. The sparse greenery to the right, the calm water, and the few tall buildings represent the direction of safety from Europa's soon to be destiny.
The trees are broad and distinct in shape and direction, which contrasts many other painters' choices in creating fluid and natural shapes. The river, however, has a green hue to it that signifies the movement of Narcissus' love from Echo to himself, within the sight of his reflection, the position within the grass, and the tall grass that hides Echo's reflection.
The few trees that stand in the foreground create an innocent scene. The shapely trees to the right lack many leaves and seem to resemble a boney structure of a fish. This can be seen as the secrecy of success in the late evening fishermen.
Although she is surrounded by an abundance of nature, there is a combination of green and orange. As the greenery seems to be dying within it's dense surroundings, she floats away into the quite river as her death nears in the darkness of nature.
As the people prepare for the storm, trees reflect the colors of the lighting being casted on them as the storm approaches; the orange tree in the top left similar to the orange sunlight through the clouds. As the wind's direction is shown through the trees, they also move to the direction of safety that none of the figures will be able to reach.
Ruisdael was known for painting landscapes and especially trees. The flowered log laying in its side suggests the concise nature of life and the inevitable perish. However, among this change in color palette and meaning for landscape, he has hidden a couple roaming within the forest, beneath the shadows.
As you look from the left to the right, you can see the transition in lighting and the trees. On the left, they are quite bare, with green, red, and yellow leaves. On the right they become more green and full beneath a rainbow. This can be the significance of the family's secretive past that wasn't pleasant, and their new future of the unknown, but suggested positivity.
Normally, it would be expected to see green grass throughout the ground, however, this landscape depicts a drier land with the growth of patching green and trees. As a traveler sits beside the stream and views off into the distance, he is among green patches. As the couple in the distance begin to walk out from the shadows of the forest, there is a suggestion of possible dialogue when they meet and cross paths.
Ruisdael enjoys incorporating bare and dying trees in his work. This reoccurring situation shows his persistence in reminding the inevitable end to life and abundance. The trees in the background stand almost as onlookers to the falling white tree in front of them, huddled together to seal the world from seeing the tragedy.
Although the sky seems dark, the pond reflects the green trees that span from the left in the foreground to the right in the background. As fish begin to rise to the surface, with their scales reflecting the sky's colors, they create the separation of trees and water beneath. Throughout the dense greens, the path of the traveler in the distance is another separation in the landscape, but seems to get swallowed up again along with the lone traveler and his destination.
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