THe use of Contrasting color in art.

by Lindsay Hampton

The contrast of the black on the orange gives this piece both a warm and creepy feel at the same time.
I love how the blue really pops on the red in this piece! The vibrancy is what really drew me to it.
I was very attracted to this piece because of the contrast between the bright rainbow sculpture and the otherwise dull, lifeless area in which it sits.
Neon art is probably my favorite art style, and I really like this piece. Not only are the words intriguing, but the color contrast between the letters themselves really makes it stand out.
This piece grabbed my attention because it seems to portray the imagination that kids have in their heads and how it can leak out, even when the world is trying to make them gray (like everyone else).
I enjoyed this piece because it looks like a place I'd really like to visit! The yellow grass in the foreground is a very happy shade, and the sky looks absolutely beautiful.
I love any piece that is done in Philadelphia, but I really love the bright orange contrast in this one. It is a serious attention grabber.
The eyes of this piece are what really spoke to me. People always say that the eyes are the windows to the soul - I feel like the artist really managed to capture this, even if it is in a cartoon.
This piece isn't necessarily very full of contrast, but I HAD to include it because it is RIDICULOUSLY hard to blow glass in that many different colors and have it seamless like this piece does!
I really love books, and the contrast of the colorful book covers with their tattered ends gives me a nice, happy feeling.
I love how the colors in this piece really help your eye move along its curves. It's almost as if it were moving!
Even though they're both warm colors, I feel as though red and yellow still has a really great contrast effect together.
This room made me so happy! I love the different patterns, shapes, and colors!
I love the use of shapes in this piece. The contrast of the colors against one another really helps to break up the room.
The colors aren't very proclaimed in this piece, but I still really love it because it has an air of freedom around it.
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