dolce madonna-(Carlos Berlanga)

This gallery includes paintings based on the catholic religion in the Italian renaissance (14thcentury to the 15th century), focusing primarily in the oil painting medium. The focus point of this gallery is the beautiful Madonna, the caring image of the mother represented through depictions of the Virgin Mary Jesus mother.

This piece presents us a young Madonna with what appears to be Jesus as an infant playing with what I think is a cherub, they both are sitting in the trunk of a tree, the colors are very pastel but at the same time they pop out of the painting, this because of the contrast between the baby blue and the pink. It presents us with a very juvenile vision of the Madonna.
This painting shows us the Madonna in a room holding the holy baby; she is wearing what it looks more elegant clothes surrounded by men and women trying to reach them, the look they are in looks equally as elegant. The colors are very dark and the whole thing is presented in a very Chiaroscuro style, the people trying to reach them I think represent the devotion Catholics have to the holy mother, Mary.
In this piece the Virgin, a very young looking woman with blonde shiny hair is holding the holy baby covered by some robes, they both appear to be either reading or writing a book, looking at each other, they both have a halo over their heads. This artwork is different to the other ones, the texture is glossy and the colors are very vibrant they look holy like.
This piece shows the Madonna sitting in front of a couple she holds, as usual infant Jesus, they all look very European, outside the all white room they’re in it’s a beautiful landscape with trees and even what looks like a sea. The colors are again very pastel, Mary is wearing colors that we’ve seen before, baby blue and pink, they seem to be a common theme, maybe representing purity, she looks to be occupying a larger space in the image making her look more important.
In this painting we see a different incarnation of the virgin Mary and Jesus, the appear to be in some sort of temple with halos on their head, to cherubs touching their feet while they are literally put on a pedestal, next them is a woman and a priest. They appear to be bigger than life, holy, the leading lines take your eyes directly to them, it’s a different interpretation of them.
This painting is almost a little bit surreal (stretching the meaning of that word) Mary is holding the holy baby, both with halos in their head, she wears a dark blue robe while Jesus wears a golden one, they stand in front of a golden background surrounded by angels and clerics. The colors and the texture makes them look almost inhuman, the repetition of the heads makes for good harmony.
This painting is another one of my personal favorites, even though it paints Mary as a holy out of this world being, there’s something still very human and beautiful about her. She sits along with angels and Jesus in the clouds above earth; we see buildings, nature, and people. Because of the harmony and the contrast the color just pops out of the painting, even though it appears to have a rough texture about it the painting just looks pleasing to the eye. The painting makes you look at the Madonna no matter what, she occupies more than 50% of it and she is wearing a very shiny red robe. It delivers perfectly the message of her watching over humanity.
In the next painting of the holy night (the night Jesus was born) we see angels hovering the sky and people around them in awe, an angelical (or god like) glow comes from Jesus crib while Mary watches tenderly. The focus is not on the Madonna but on the newborn baby but I had to include it because of a reasons. First of all the art is beautiful to look at, the contrast is amazing and the leading lines of the pillar and Joseph’s staff attract your eyes right at the middle of the scene, same thing with the light levels which is another thing I enjoy about this painting, it feels very real. Also, Mary looks very young, which is accurate given that she was around 15 when Jesus was born. She also looks very tender which represents her as what the Catholics see her, the mother of all humanity.
In this painting we see the virgin Mary sitting with the holy child in her lap, she is covered from head to toe wearing a light blue robe, at their feet, kneeling is what apparently is a saint kissing Jesus feet, behind them is a beautiful landscape. The colors in this painting are DE saturated and in my opinion the Madonna has a melancholic look, the whole painting has a melancholic look, very different from other artworks of the same subject matter.
This final painting of one of the most important moments for Catholicism, “The Annunciation” shows us Angel Gabriel, dressed with white robes and white long wings, they’re in a very unusual looking room, almost looks like a confessionary, Mary is kneeling behind some pillars, wearing the same combination of colors we’ve seen on her before, baby blue and pink. The space the angel lives in is very large in the image, it empowers him and takes away some from Mary, it gives importance to the figure and the message he is about to share.
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