the beauty in Symmetry 

They say that how beautiful you are is dependent on how symmetrical your face is. For some reason that has always stuck with me, and is the inspiration for my art gallery.

im absolutely in love with the lighting element of this piece. at first i thought it was a painting. but after using the zoom tool i now think this may be a triangle piece of metal leaned into the corner of a room with a light behind it. its beautiful as well as perfectly symmetrical.
i chose this piece because of the symmetry and the fact that this symbol looks like a heart. although im not sure if that what it was meant to be.
i chose this piece for the simple fact that the mystery still remains in how these were made. they remind me of dot candy thats rarely sold anymore. also i like the different colors used in this one. the contrast in the colors is appreciated.
i chose this piece because i simply cant figure out how this was made, and what it was made out of. it is beautiful and so vibrant.
i chose this because it reminds me of my childhood lava lamp
i chose this because i like the african element to this symmetrical piece.
i chose this piece for the detail of the pattern around the face, under the chin
i chose this item for the same reason i chose the pyramid piece as well. i cant get enough of the lighting element and like the pyramid, this piece is also symmetrical.
i chose this picture of tMarie Spartali because i think she is beautiful.
i like this for the shiny elements in it as well as the biblical reference in the piece.
everything about this design was meant to be symmetrical except the man in the middle. although the design is not all perfectly symmetrical, it looks to be hand done. and for a hand done piece from the 1540's, i think they did a great job at achieving a symmetrical look.
i chose this because i like the way the horns look, they really add to the symmetry.
although the inside design (yellow red green blue and white) is not symmetrical, i really appreciate how the circular border is perfectly symmetrical.
I chose this picture not only because it is a perfect representation of symmetry, but because it makes me think into the future when i take my 3D modeling class. This would be a perfect reference to use.
i chose this because my favorite art of all time would be Egyptian art, it is so beautiful and always very detailed.
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