light source,sun, is shining on the river
the moon is lighting the river where the men are fishing
the sun is shining on the lamb
light from the sun is focused on the angel
the sun is covering the woman's body; she was in the dark but the sun from the windows is on her now
the stars and moon's light are being reflected on the river
the moon's light is being reflected on the river
light from the sun moon and stars is being shown in the village
some of the windows in the building contain light and the moon is also making the building look brighter
the bottom half of the trees are dark while the top half of them have light
there are tiny lights on the ground as well as on the top of the building
the sun is setting and it's being reflected on the river
light is shown in the clouds
there are small lamps hanging to brighten up the room
light is focused on the man in the horse
the sun is giving light inside the room
there's light on the sides as well as a lamp on top
light from the sun is focused on the top left man
most of the hearts have a light in them
light coming from an explosion is shown
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