This first photo sets the scene of my gallery with a large Sculpture created by Wendi Zhang for the Sculpures By the Sea. The rich mix of reds and blues are an exciting way to open the gallery.
Fisherman at ILha Mexiana, Chaves, PA. Brazil by Gautherotherot, Marcel Instituto Moreira Scalles fits the setting of my Beach themed gallery, showing the fisherman spearing at a waterfront beach.
The Boat Pool, by Ian Swift exhibited Sculpture By the Sea 2014 sets a artful message that even though the ocean sits very close to the pool, people still swim in the man made project. The rich colours of the water and the colours of the pool clash well in this surreal image.
Beach Triptych n˚ 25 captured by Alair de Olivera Gomes is a thrilling image capturing the life on the beach in a very unique way. The way Gomes only shows the middle section of the people shown allows the viewers to look closer at the dress wear of the time.
Overconsumption created by Kerrie Argent is a exciting sculpture made entirely of rubbish found throughout the ocean of the local northern beaches. This sculpture has a very important image that even if it looks beautiful it can not only harm you but your surroundings. The exciting colours of the sculpture bring the artwork to life.
Sculpture by the Sea artwork M.130901 created by Toshio Lezumi is a unique sculpture due to the fact that the light reflects and refracts inside the body of the work so a complex depth emerges in its own form.
Credits: All media
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