This is a gallery that reviews the use of color to set tone and direct the viewers attention.

This painting uses orange small touches and blue throughout most of the composition in order to create contrast and generate interest in the painting. I have actually seen this painting in person and it is absolutely amazing. 
This painting uses mostly blues to convey a cool morning. It also utilizes orange in the sky to help the for most part of the building to stand out.
This painting is driven by strong use of the the complementary colors orange and blue as well as red and green.
This painting uses only cool colors. Which helps convey a cool day. 
the light and dark color contrast help to pull the viewers attention from the right of the painting towards the windmill.
the eye is drawn to the man in front wearing white due to the heavy use of dark colors.
the bright white skull and dark cloaks of the gardeners helps them stand out against the monochromatic background.
the use of like some what desaturated colors helps to convey a hazy or cloudy atmosphere.
The white makes the bird the main focus.
the contrast of bright reds and blues draws attention towards the top of the tower.
dark cool colors convey a depressing mood.
The red dress thing makes the person stand our against a background of mostly neutral colors.
The use of light and dark colors drawls the viewers attention towards the right side of the composition.
the use of dark blues convey a solemn mood.
The use of bright yellows and oranges as well as long shadows indicate that the sun has just set or risen.
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