Julius Boucke - Renaissance Gallery

All about the elderly. This includes many religious and elderly people from the renaissance.

------------------------------- Wealthy, but not as wealthy as a merchant ------------------------------- background colors make him seem "dark" ------------------------------- they want the viewer to only see the man ------------------------------- his name is bill. he belongs to the middle class and works as a carpenter. he is a calm and polite man. he likes comfortable clothing and a calm life. he cares about his family and his life style. -------------------------------
--------------------------------- the clothing makes him look relatively poor --------------------------------- the background is pretty dark and he is holding a book so he could be religious --------------------------------- the artist only wants you to see and understand the man. --------------------------------- his name is Lambo. Lambo likes studying the moving parts of religon. he cares about his book and his job as a religion interpreter
--------------------------------- this man's clothing makes him look relatively wealthy, due to the rich colored clothing his is wearing --------------------------------- the man is holding prayer beads so he is religious --------------------------------- his name is Runnin-ot-ov-Beet. he cares about his religion and uses many prayer beads a day --------------------------------- the artist wants the viewer to see the items that are most important to the subject -----------------------------------
------------------------------------- this man is wealthy because he is wearing richly colored clothing ------------------------------------- there are many religious items in background, like the head of Minerva, so I think he is a philosopher ------------------------------------- the artist wants the viewer to see the subject's job's aspects ------------------------------------- this is Trummppy. he likes philosophy and cares about history. he works as a philosopher and studies Ancient Rome -------------------------------------
--------------------------------- the clothing shows that the man likes being comfortable and is pretty wealthy --------------------------------- there are many tools and material in the background so the man might be a carpenter --------------------------------- the artist wants the viewer to see what the subject uses for his job and how he makes his money --------------------------------- this is Banshay, who likes constructing. he cares about peoples' needs for items. he works as a carpenter ---------------------------------
--------------------------------- his clothes are are embroidered with gold and designed with beautiful pictures so I think that he is wealthy --------------------------------- he is holding a handkerchief, which is another aspect of his wealthiness --------------------------------- the author wants the viewer to see the amazing parts of the subject --------------------------------- the man's name is Jeonarpo, and he is a successful business man. he likes living a comfortable life and cares about how his household runs so that his life is comfortable ---------------------------------
--------------------------------- this man is wearing warm clothing so I think he might feel chilly a lot --------------------------------- he is wearing a necklace with a cross so he is not a humanist, and he is holding a flower so maybe he is going to give them to someone --------------------------------- the artist wants the viewer to see what he likes the most and what he considers to be important --------------------------------- this man is Joe Jeffery because he looks serious. he likes going to church. He cares about his friends/relatives. ---------------------------------
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