7th grade research (Emily Carr)

      Emily Carr was born on December 13, 1871 in Victoria, British Columbia. She went to the California School of Art in San Francisco before attending the Westminster School of art in England. She then spent some time in Paris, France before moving back to British Columbia and settling in Vancouver. There, she began to teach art. She often went to British Columbia's Native American villages to sketch the village and its surroundings. Emily’s trips were frequently interrupted by her attempts to earn a living. She gave up painting until her paintings began to gain recognition throughout Canada. After sickness had ended her trips to the villages, she began to write. She wrote multiple books on art before her death. Emily died on March 2, 1945, in Victoria.The reason why I chose Emily Carr is because I love the way she paints landscapes. I like that she actually paints the land instead of people's faces and flowers. I also like the colors she chooses for the ocean, the trees, the totem poles, and the houses. When she paints the forest, she uses shades of blue and green, and some brown. The way she has the artwork on the paper just amazes me. I also like how she paints the totem poles with so much detail. It is amazing that totem poles can be painted with that much detail. I also like that she paints the houses in the village. She paints them with a lot of detail too. My favorite painting is Seascape because of all the different shades of blue she used. It makes me feel like I am standing on the beach as she paints the artwork. I like how the rock and the ocean all come together to make a beautiful artwork. It's the little details that make the artwork really stand out.

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