The beauty of mythology by: Marissa Karulski 

As an artist I find inspiration from mythology, as it is my favorite history subject. I find it all to be interesting and beautiful. Thus is the reason why I chose this as my main subject for my gallery theme. I also decided to find works that use high contrast. I think high contrast pieces of art or more interesting and beautiful. This gallery contains works of art ranging from several mythologies such as Greek, Roman, and Norse. They works of arts are varied, there are paintings, sculpture, and pottery. 

It is a representation of the wife of the hero Jason. Medea is making a potion. The artwork has contrasting values of light and dark, and is from a mythological story, This is why I picked it.
This is a pottery piece that is depicting a man on a rock with plant life around him. The character is a god. The piece is highly contrasting because of the vase's natural color painted with black.
A woman is struggling with a dark being, a angel is helping her. In a story, she is a claimed beauty over the gods. Her skin is contrasting to the dark background and red cloth, reason for my choice.
A man in the clouds on a pegasus, a woman under a dragon, surrounded by water. The woman's hair and skin contrast the dragon and water. The characters are from greek mythology, its a nice depiction.
A man holding a shy woman, with another man peeping at her. The two gods are known for having an affair with each other. I like the contrast of her skin tone against mars red cloth,which fits my theme
This vase has a two men battling with spears. The jar has contrasting gold and black decals painted on it, and the characters depicted are from achilles falling in love with a woman during battle.
A statue of the roman god cupid.He is holding a bow and arrow, and a soldiers helm is by his feet.There is a contrast with forms, of a smooth body to a texture, and the lighting creates it also
A woman surrounded by many men and women. The background had the clouds and sky contrasting along with the skin tones of the people against the dark waves.The painting is a myth story of venus's birth
A woman is laying down on waves with baby angels flying above her. This is another depiction of venus's birth, her skin and hair contrast greatly the blue that surrounds her.
The painting has a man surrounded by several creatures, and is holding a lightning hammer. The red and yellow tones contrasts the bottom darker colors. The painting depicts norse lore of Thor.
Credits: All media
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