Element of art

This picture is Chiaroscuro because the background is like negative and the front of the picture is positive because you can see it clearly.
This picture/drawing is Atmospheric Perspective because the lines and shapes that are in front are seen nice and crisp (you can see them perfectly) and the shapes lines in the back are blurry which u cant see
This picture is low contrast because it is blurry and you can't see it that good.
This picture is high contrast because it is crisp and you can see it clearly.
This picture is Cast Shadow because there is cool pieces that make up the picture and for not those pieces the picture wouldn't come to life and there would be major effects.
This picture is value scale because there is dark in the back and clear and light pictures in the front.
This picture is value distribution (unbalanced) because it doesn't balance out and looks a little bit blurry.
This drawing is Volumetric Value because there is a lot of lines shapes colors and texture.
This picture is value distribution (balanced) because everything balances out from the background to the actual face
This picture is Attached Shadows because the sun is shining down on the statue and you can see the shadow on the lower part of the picture
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