A collection of different styles with perspective 

This is a good example of 1 point perspective impressionism
This is a pointalism, but it has a good amount of 1 point perspective
This would not normally be perspective but Jesus makes it have a perspective feel
The Scream has perspective in the bridge she walks down
Without 1 point perspective, the accuracy in the buildings would of never been possible
The buildings in this painting could never have been done as well without perspective
In this the world he stands in is perspective.
This room was done in 1 point perspective to give the feel of being in a room
This would normally just be a landscape, but the graves gives this a good sense of perspective
This is a different, more abstract version of perspective
This arch was done in 1 point perspective, like most romanesc tupe paintings
This is a very good 1 point perspective, but the way the road curves up gives it a great sense of realism
The building landscape was done in 2 point perspective
The place of the person, the line of the road, and the house tell you this was done in 1 point perspectiive
The accuracy in the drawing of these structures could only be possible in 1 point perspective
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