Elements of Art

Robbie Errico

Line This figure's most prominent Element of Art is the Line; Using thick lines that have been traced over several times, lines that change direction, and also heavily emphasized gesture lines, Etude is a very good example of the Element of Line.
Shape At first, it seems that Suite uses strictly geometric shapes: Five central circles make up the center of the drawing, while the rest of the drawing is composed of rectangles; however, there are several organic arc-like shapes formed by the overlapping of the circles.
Value While the whole of the perimeter is a solid white (excepting an occasional charcoal smudge), the characters awaiting the train (or are assumed to be, judging by the title) are heavily shaded, not only giving the drawing a realistic appearance, but also a dark mood.
Form Soap Bubbles illustrates good form in that it makes very good use of contrast of light and has perfect angular qualities and perspectives, giving it extremely lifelike qualities.
Texture This tapestry not only simulates texture in the flowers, but is also woven from silk, giving it actual texture as well.
Space The Ideal City demonstrates excellent use of simulated negative space in the area around which the sky, the buildings, the pillars, and the people (all of which demonstrate positive space) occupy.
Color Not only are colors abundant and varietal, every fundamental color in the spectrum upwards of (but not including all of) the tertiary array is used.
Credits: All media
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