Exposition of stages

In the foreground, there are five persons getting warm around a fire. A child is rekindling the camp fire. He is wearing brown trousers and an off-white pullover. Behind him, two children are taking into their arms and they are wearing each one a hat. Close to them, an old lady with a scarf on the head, is looking towards the ground. On the right part of the painting, a woman is folding her arms, she has short black hair and she is wearing a brown dress. It seems to be a family.

In the middle, there is an old cart containing secondhand clothes, and behind it exists a mound of soil with few shrubs.

In the background, we see a marsh and the hills.

The colors of painting don't change so much. Actually, It's an oïl printing.

I don't like this painting because there are not enough different colors which stand out.
Credits: All media
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