The Power of Blue

Blue has been used for many centuries as a powerful color used to convey emotion and to give a painting a certain feel to it.                                                       Created by Harley Trazzera for Art History.

Blue is used in this painting to show it could be very early in the morning, and has a bit of a dreary look to it.
The blue is used mainly in the sky and in the mountains to show that it is night and to show shadow (in the background). The blue swirls give the sky a mystical feel along with the bright yellow.
It seems the blue was used to show the lizards blending in with the background and to make the butterflies pop since they are painted with very vibrant colors.
I added this one because I thought it was a cool concept making an archer out of blue boxes and using black to show shadow or even some depth.
It seems Van Gogh used a lot of blue to not only bring the most attention to his face, but he could have also used it to symbolise his "state of mind". He could have used it to convey depression.
It seems every color was blended or mixed with a blue tint in this painting. It could be an indicator for sadness or anguish.
I like the way Monet used blue to represent a hazy parliament on what seems like a very early morning. Maybe it was very foggy?
This painting uses blue to show and exaggerate depth and shadow.
Again Van Gogh uses a lot of blue to bring your attention towards him, he even uses blue to shadow his face.
Blue is used as a contrast to the yellow so it really pops and looks spectacular.
It seems to me that blue was used here to represent extreme sadness.
The blue gown on the woman in the center really catches your eye and makes her the focal point.
Blue seems to have been used to show a dark and possibly dreary night. It creates a sense of mystery and makes the graveyard look frightening.
I It seems the blue is used as a contrast for the other colors. It kind of looks like a person shrouded in blue which could mean the person is depressed.
The blue dress and hat are really eye catching. It could also mean sadness in the person being painted, it looks like the person is sad by looking at the facial expressions.
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