My*Nat'l Portrait Gallery

46 of 192 works from the Smithsonian... these portraits speak to me, mostly because they show the *human* behind the surface, but also because they are dynamic or use an interesting technique or pose to celebrate the person.

wrote book Silent Spring... beginning of the environmental movement
as airy as the bust of rachel louise carson
study for a larger portrait... FDR took us through the great depression
carries so much... all business
so very different from the full-frontal stance i've seen in his other portraits... very human ... reflects his low-key temperament
looks /feels like jazz clarinet at night
the most abstract portrait painter of this lot ... but still looks /feels like JFK full-length image
the *impression* of a dancer's stance ... and calves!
deliberate... body as shape /form
i love his strong gaze
deep thinker... so young!
less is more, pastel
intense, direct gaze... sculptural background
self-named "the laughing philosopher"
heroic, untamed view
one tough cookie carried the cane to give herself "swank" ... worked for equity in services, education and jobs
bit of a wild one? moody? gifted, firey speaker, and living emblem for national unity
mona lisa smile?
in mid-sentence... had a lot to say in testimony about the holocaust... "never again"
the joke's on whom? great lighting, too ... "pope of trash" and "shock humor" filmmaker
very secure in himself... the marshall plan rebuilt war-ravaged europe
dignified, lofty (or troubled?) thoughts... a new england republican
it moves like music... piano hands
captured in his element... full of intensity
simply lovely... a loving gesture with his 'babies'
in his own little world, momentarily interrupted
co-conspirators... *thank you* ladies!!!
solid, knowing... patron to many budding impressionists in paris
plaster life mask made before he ran for the presidency
only five years after the earlier mask, "sorrow and care had done their worst"
even with a smile, his face carries so much ... taken the same month as the second mask
just as i imaged he would be like... commanding presence, no nonsense
wild, like an angry god... this abolitionist waged a personal guerrilla war against slavery
how she saw herself
caught 'in a moment' by her artistic buddy ... she hated this portrayal
i wonder if she thought this was silly ... perched inside the fuselage of the plane in which she intended to circle the globe
awesome shot... look at those eyes... his own pose, or directed? the fingers of a baseball hall of famer
wondering why the jacket in arm... love the left hand on knee
interesting foreshortened viewpoint and white on white composition ... the attitude shines through
she spearheaded the special olympics... portrait includes five special needs children
sense of smell, reading with her hand
don't know why, but feels so plastic... certainly very flattering /age defying
contemporary and very personal
trailblazer in our highest court... secure, yet very unassuming
mayor, congressman, cabinet member... parents interned in camps during the war
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