Crime, COrruption, death: What roams the streets of unsafe  communities

Looking at Death and Life of Great American Cities and the novel Red Harvest the main theme that emerges is the problems with safety in cities. Without safety, havoc spreads and it pollutes the community by turning it into an area filled with gangs, death, and disorder. Not only does the city become corrupt because of its criminal actions but it spreads a message of tolerance onto the neighborhood, therefore signifying that this is an area best to keep away from and that people would be foolish to attempt to live in the area. Those that already reside in the city and witness these changes to their once great city have very few options when handling these issues and without safety regulated services, such as a just police force, it might be better to sit aside then get involved or else a person may face the consequences for their actions.

Donald Willson's murder is a prime example of the level of crime that lies in Poisonville. Everyone in town is a suspect, as no one is trusted. (Hammett 4-7)
Death does not appear to shock anyone. It has become a part of the community. People react to it, but not to the level one might expect.
Lack of effective governing of a city a community can be taken over by one distinct group of people, such as the mob (Hammett 104).
What point is there of a police force if it is corrupt and does not protect its community. (Hammett 104)
The Community that surrounds a person. Forces the person to adapt or leave.
People feeling safe to walk and use sidewalks. Not having to fear for their lives. (Jacobs 29)
Safety is demonstrated through the way streets are being used. Are people using it or is it abandoned? (Jacobs 43)
Everyone is welcoming and accepting. Promoting a peaceful environment, denying entry to corruption. (Hammett 88), (Jacobs 142)
Community that captures peace, safety, and diversity that can be seen from a distance.
The result of unsafe neighborhoods caused due to a lack of devotion or care about the community.
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