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Ben Joseph and Zach Fiedler 

This woman looks powerful, her sharp features, straight posture, and style exemplify her powerful qualities. During this time, women may not have been highly regarded because she has a very plain face and not much emotion. The artist was probably a male, as he portrayed her honestly (the painting does not seem to attempt to eventuate any aspect of her).
This woman looks rather week and humble, her fair skin and veil demonstrate those qualities. Society, at this time, may have regarded modesty highly (veil), and more attentive to their innocence, as this woman looks quite innocent. The artist pays attention to detail and seems to have attempted to describe more about the female persona in this painting.
This woman looks confident. This reveals the more sexualized women had become, this woman is wearing a revealing dress in a provocative pose. The artist himself probably also sexualizes women
This woman looks unique, but rather ambiguous. She shines light on the modern women, with the closer focus and no necessarily feminine focus. The artist was also a women, which means she may have done this very consciously.
This woman looks confident and relaxed. This painting shows women obtaining more equivalence, while also more sexualized. Her dress is short and her physical features are made very prominent. The artist was a man, possibly intending to sexualize women.
This man looks proud and official. This painting shows man as powerful and clean cut, this portrait has a very formal vibe. The artist seems active and attentive to detail while painting.
This man looks very important, the shadow behind him creates emphasis, his posture and clothing present him as very prestigious. The artists intention, i believe, was to put emphasis on the importance of this man.
Her man is portrayed more naturally, in Danielle Boone, as a hunter with strength and virility. This shows the very beginning stages of society. The artist is Norman Rockwell, notorious for his strength in portraits, and eye for detail.
This man looks very artistic and intellectual. This painting shows man's focus on the humanities, and societies focus on man. The artist may have done a self-portrait? Regardless, he focused on the artistic nature of men.
This man looks very noble, the painting seems to show both nobility and strength. This shows how society depended on men for protection at the time. The artist when to extreme lengths of detail in this painting.
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