This is a gallery I have put together for the Style Comparison Assignment. Please enjoy.  

Look at these little brush strokes. Some of them have more than one color of paint.
Check this out! Its not really a house. It just gives a hint at one.
Close up of the "tree". Its trunk is multi-color disappearing in places. There are only a few green leave hinted at and the white "blossoms" look more like snow falling.
This thumbnail shows the detail in the leaves, the branches and the lines repeated in the water to show movement.
This shows how well Taikan could control his washes, even within the individual leaves. His detail is great, right down to the detail of the veins running through the leaves.
Here you can see the attention Taikan has given to the detail of the spray of the water hitting the rocks. It actually seems to sparkle.
This thumbnail show the detail of the control over the washes Taikan did for the trunk and branches of the tree. I love the dark crisp edges.
Taikan has done an excellent job of painting this bird with its individual feathers. The size of this work allowed this freedom.
Early example of Vilhelms Purvitis work.
This is another example of Purvitis early work.
Credits: All media
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