Backbone of Agriculture

This gallery aims to highlight the hard work and struggle of the backbone of the agricultural industry, the farmer. Day in and day out these people go to work on their crops from first light until last light. These images aim to capture the work and heartache put into a day of work on the fields. 

This image shows the hard work put into farming by a middle aged woman. Of course on the surface this can be seen but upon closer examination look at the woman's face. Her hard work shows. Her facial expressions and body language show the physical and emotional strain her lifestyle has had.
This piece shows the true exhaustion that the farmer can feel. This man has been working on the field all day. It can be seen in the background that he has worked hard for what he has done.
"Reapers in a Gathering Storm" was chosen to show not the daily work put in alone, but the long term work. Although this may not be seen initially these men's bodies have been molded by their profession.
This powerful piece shows a lot about the dynamic of families in agriculture. Working on the field all day will exhaust a couple physically. Along with this the woman's emotions can be seen. Her day in and day out work has had an emotional toll on her relationship.
The elderly are very prominent in agriculture. This piece was chosen to show the dedication of farmers. Although this woman may be old and fragile, she is strong. She has had the will and determination to work the fields, no matter the physical toll.
This older gentleman is heading out to the fields. He is old and tired, as seen by his hunched back, but the fields show promise. With the landscape of the blue sky and green fields, he has much work to do. It can be seen by his posture that he does not mind this. He heads out, despite his age, to do what he does best.
This image shows a similar purpose to the last. It shows an elderly man working very hard. At a closer look the detail he puts into his work is amazing. The man's face shows an intense passion for what he does, even though he is exhausted.
This piece is used to show the dedication and passion that farmers have. This man is working very intently on his crop. Although it is just one plant, he cares for it as if it is everything. Farmers do exactly this. Even though it is just one man caring for a plant it has a much deeper meaning, one showing caring, compassion and dedication.
Farmers are the backbone of this society. They stick together. These men are taking a rest from a hard days work. Although they work hard individually, they work best as a team. Farmers are often only seen as hard workers, providing food and supplies but they do much more. They help one another.
As described in the last piece farming is about one another. This piece captures that idea best. Although these men are carrying farming tools, looking closer it appears as if they are walking together in war. This piece shows that these men go to their own type of war on a daily basis, whether it be physical or emotional. They are the "Backbone of Agriculture."
Credits: All media
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