Lines and artwork 

This room is very linear, with dark, grey colors. The small patch of absolute light in the corner brightens the work and adds interest.
The strong, straight lines and mellow colors in this photo are calming and aesthetically pleasing to look at.
This abstract depiction of plant life is very geometric and the use of greyish greens is colorful but in a subtle way.
This drawing uses both straight and curved lines to create depth and height within the small space.
This paper isn't very tall, but the use of long,vertical lines for the window heightens it and makes it appear taller.
The pattern of this work makes it appear very fuzzy and dull, but this allows the outline of the man and the walkway to be the focus of the drawing.
Both the paper and the bar are perfectly square and linear, but the way the photo is slightly tilted shows just how ramshackle and dirty the little bar is.
The use of the darkness in the background and light in the foreground gives a lot of contrast and allows the artist to show you exactly where your focus should be.
This work is very simple, but the use of shading in the foreground and background gives it some depth and dimension.
There isn't a specific focus in this work, so the use of red and pattern is great for adding interest.
The lines in this are very irregular, and that paired with the high contrast gives it a very geometric look, almost like mountains.
The use of white accents allows a two dimensional geometric pattern some depth.
Credits: All media
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